How to add an event?

Before to add an event, be sure to create an account and be logged in. Then click on the event “add en event” button on the right side of the calender. Complete the fields carrefuly and publish. Voilà!

Do I need a special account to add an event to the calendar?

Yes, you need to have an “organizer” account. For that, you have to send us a request by email and we’ll set you as an event organizer.

Do I have to pay to add an event?

No, this is completely free.

Can I sell tickets for my event?

Yes. The money goes on our account and we are making the total transfert to your account when the registration are closed.

Can I edit my event when it’s published?

Yes. Just go on your profile page and click on “event manager”

Still have questions?

Contact us here!