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We, at, are real arts and photography enthusiasts.
And because we know that you, photographers, are an important part of the business, we want to help you to promote your work.
We want that organizers, riders and sponsors can find your photos more easily.

If you've been to this event, feel free to submit your favorite shot that YOU took of that day!
All you have to do is to send an email to
with your photographer name, your favorite shot of the day and the link to your full gallery. It is as simple.

After validation, your photo will be published on this event page.


Add your race to the calendar!

To add your race to the calendar, please send an email to
with the informations below :

> Full official name of the race with uppercase or without

> Category of the event
(We actually only accept : fixed gear criteriums, fixed gear uncategorized (like Redbull Bay Climb or Rad Race Last Man Standing), alleycats, tracklocross, social rides (like Rad Race Tour de Friends) and bike pack races)

> High resolution photo to use as the banner (minimum width: 2000px X height: 400px)

> The date (day, month, year)

> The city and the country (state if needed)

> A link to your website or facebook event if you have one

> A link to the online registration if you have one

> A link to your facebook page if you have one

> A link to your instagram page if you have one

> INFO section
Write a small description of your race.

> THE EVENT section
Time table and organization

> RULES section
Rules and bike specs

> TRACK section
Infos about the track like track lenght, number of corners (right, left), asphalt, in town, ...
Drawing of the track (width: 460px X height: 300px) with transparent or #181818 background

> LOCATION section
The exact address of the race (can be the parking point, registration point, start of the race, ...)

As we're doing it manually, let us some time (depend of our freetime) to create your event page and add it to the calendar.


How points are calculated

Event with more than 100 entries = 1
Event with less than 100 entries = 0.5
Event entries = e

Number of participant = Nbp
Position = Pos
Nbp + Pos = a

e / a = n

Final A = 100
Final B = 50
Final = f

n * f = x,xxx Pts

DNF = 0 Pts
Lx = Number of the lap before to be lapped