Hi everyone,

I hope all is well on your end.

What a catastrophic year for our sector, many races canceled and it is not over yet.

2020 is coming to an end, and our eyes are already on 2021, although nothing is certain yet, we are already preparing for the season.

Rubbber has been around for 2 years now, and hasn’t stopped evolving and bringing new features since.

Started simply as a personal calendar posted online, many people gave positive feedback and asked us to keep the project going.

Little by little, a community was created, and Rubbber became the essential calendar of fixed gear races.

Until now, I kept myself informed of the races via Instagram and I took care of adding them to the site, one by one, which took a lot of my time.

A real game changer

Today, the site has automated functions. This is why I am contacting you, because I make this tool available to you.

All race organizers can now add, cancel and postpone their own event.

To do this, all you have to do is create an account on our website and send a message on Instagram ( that you are an organizer, with the mail associated to your freshly created account. By doing this, I can change your account manually and make you an organizer. All of this is obviously free.

Next to that it’s also possible to put tickets up for sale (we then take a commission on each sale, you can contact me for more information on this).

How do you benefit from using Rubbber?

Races from around the world are featured on the site, which means other organizers are communicating about their event, and so their community is also visiting our site. If your event is listed on Rubbber, people from around the world will be aware your event exists and might join in.

All the info is free and clear.

For communication, Instagram is undeniably one of the best distribution channels. But your story only stays for 24 hours, your post gets lost among the thousands of other publications.

On Rubbber, the information stays there all the time.

Plus, we’ve added a brand new search function, by keyword, continent, category, and more, making it easier to find new events and search for specific ones.

Another added function, which is certainly one of the most useful for users, is the “Add to favorite” function which allows Rubbber users (having created an account beforehand) to add the races which are available to them. ‘interested in their favorites list to create a personalized calendar.

Our goal

Today, Rubbber is already known as the benchmark calendar for fixed gear criteriums. We are also starting to expand our calendar by offering events from other categories such as Alleycats, Tracklocross, gravel races, …,

the goal being to bring together more events in order to improve the visibility of everyone.

We still have many other plans for the future, it is up to you to be part of it.

Be part of it